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Youth Leadership With Dean Fusto

June 13, 2021 Telling The Success Stories in Business & Entrepreneurship Season 2 Episode 29
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Youth Leadership With Dean Fusto
Show Notes

When it comes to Youth leadership and development, there is no other than Dean Fusto to discuss the topic. In this episode of the podcast, we speak with Dean Fusto of Brandon Hall. 

Dean is a 2020 recipient of the Klingenstein Fellowship at Teachers College, Columbia University and the President and Head of Brandon Hall,  an international boarding and day school serving students in grades 6-12. Dean is also the Founder of the Center of Youth Leadership at the school. His career spans nearly three decades as an educational leader.

Dean spoke about the importance of fostering the right environment for students to thrive and also highlighted the effective programs at his school. These programs he highlighted were strategically designed to help students developed their " Why" and nurture their inner abilities. Dean and the team at Brandon Hall have developed a very effective program over the years that has resulted in enormous success.

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