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Episode 19: Leadership From The Heart with Dawn Kirk

November 28, 2020 Telling Business Success Stories Season 1 Episode 19
Your Company Health
Episode 19: Leadership From The Heart with Dawn Kirk
Show Notes

The heart is the life force within each of us. It’s the organ that keeps you
alive with every contraction and pulse. Leaders are the life force of every
team. Just as the heart pulses our nutrient-rich blood to each organ in the
body, leaders push out encouragement, direction, correction, energy,
growth, and influence to the team. And just like the automatic beat of the heart, leaders can make these pulses of leadership second-nature if they learn to recognize and choose
them. According to our guest, now more than ever, how leaders handle each pulse can empower or weaken leadership, engage or disengage teams, and positively or negatively impact an entire organization. In, this episode of the podcast we speak with Dawn kirk, Leadership & Executive Coach. Dawn has been serving the community with excellence for many years. Listen now

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