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Driving Patient Growth With Dr. Dayna Smith

March 09, 2023 Telling The Success Stories in Healthcare & Business
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Driving Patient Growth With Dr. Dayna Smith
Show Notes

"On a daily basis I get to be a part of the most magical moments in a patient's life- the birth of a child, and get to call that work. It is an honor to be placed in such a position and not one that I take lightly" , Dr. Dayna Smith. 

According to Dr. Smith, despite the fact that the medical field has grown in knowledge and research, the patient population unfortunately is not becoming more healthy. There is a missing link. Through her health coaching, patients are able to share in the care plan and devise their own personal path to health and wellness. 

Her website,  helps to educate patients and serves as a platform to provide accurate medical information. 

In this episode of the podcast, Dr. Smith joins Andre to discuss a wide range of issues including the importance of digital marketing to drive patient growth.

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